Our Promise

A Promise To Our Customers...

Our whole story starts with a man and his cats. This man's first cat, Mama, was the most wonderful cat anyone could ask for.  Unfortunately, she passed away at the age of nineteen.  It took the man about a year to find the courage to search for a new cat.  Finally, he went out on his search and found Angie, out of what seemed to be pure fate.  As soon as he took her home, she embodied so many qualities of Mama, he knew it was meant to be.  He was determined to keep her alive and happy for as long as possible.  This led the man to do research on the best care for pets.  He'd listen to podcasts and read articles that would expose the horrible ingredients that go into pet foods.  He was appalled.  During his research he was introduced to the concept of a raw food diet.  This was all new to him, but it greatly peaked his interest and he wanted to learn more, so he did.  He tried finding local pet food stores that sold raw or high quality food, but to no avail, there were little to none.  So, he took it upon himself to open up a store so he could provide not only his cat with the best food, but provide the community with the best possible pet food options for their beloved pets. 

So in 2010, 4 Paws Holistic opened its doors to help pet parents all around Charlotte.    

In loving memory of Angie and Mama



 We promise to provide owners with biologically appropriate pet foods to satisfy your pets needs and to advise owners to the best of our holistic knowledge to improve and lengthen pets lives. We are an independent store with the freedom to carry only the best products for our customers.