Let Us Help You

Bruce and Loba

My name is Bruce and I am the dedicated owner of 4 Paws Holistic. I enjoy photography, animal wellness, and my two girls, Loba and Kat. Here at 4 Paws, we only provide owners with superior pet food options to ensure the improvement and extension of their pets life.

Jessica and Sasha

My name is Jessica, I am the manager here at 4 Paws Holistic. What attracted me to 4 Paws is the fact that everything we sell here is organic. I am an aspiring holistic vet, therefore I am highly selective on the products that I bring into the store. I am also going to be certified in animal nutrition through N.C. State by the end of this year. I have a Husky/Shepard mix named Sasha. She is my pride and joy, we do everything together. Being a dog mom myself I promise I am just as passionate about your animals as you are!   

Kirsten, Winnie & Odie

 Hi, I’m Kirsten. I’m the assistant manager here at 4 Paws Holistic! I have two amazing furry rescue children at home. Winnie, an orange tabby, and Odie, a lab pit mix. I've been passionate about helping animals since I was a little girl. Today, my goal is to one day open a dog camp. With my great passion for animals and having fur babies of my own, I promise to guide you in the best direction for your pet's happiness and overall well-being.

Harrison and Molly

My name is Harrison and I am a Sales Associate at 4 Paws Holistic. I own a German Shorthaired Pointer, Molly, and two orange tabby cats, Maisy and Lula. I show Molly in conformation through AKC. Nutrition is essential when it comes to our animal's wellness. When working with customers to find a dietary fit for their pets, I promise to positively advise owners to improve their pets lifespan and happiness.