About Us


Why We're Here

At 4 Paws Holisitc, we don't want to be the next pet superstore. We know what makes us special, we keep to our roots. We are Charlotte locals, and we pride ourselves in being able to provide a unique service that only locals can. As your premier pet nutrition store, we ensure to always provide the highest quality food for your furry friend. And don't worry, if we don't have it, we'll order it just for you

Bruce and Loba


My name is Bruce and I am the dedicated owner of 4 Paws Holistic. I enjoy photography, animal wellness, and my two girls, Loba and Kat. Here at 4 Paws, we only provide owners with superior pet food options to ensure the improvement and extension of their pets life.



I've been in the pet food industry for almost 10 years and am very passionate about dog and cat nutrition. I truly believe nutrition is the foundation of a healthy life. Pet parents are asking questions about their pets dietary needs and I want to be there to help guide them in the right direction, I just moved to Charlotte with my cat, Nidalee, who lovs to go hiking with me.



I'm fascinated with pet nutrition and have seen its capacity for helping animals heal. My dog, a 10-year-old schnauzer mix, has pancreatitis. But with the knowledge I've gained from my training in pet nutrition, he's thriving and living a normal life. My goal is to help all pets regain the health they may have lost through poor diet or environmental issues. Being a dog mom myself I promise I am just as passionate about your animals as you are!



Having a crazy little pup at home, I know and understand the worries of new pet parents. Especially when it comes to raising a happy and healthy dog or cat! I've done extensive research on pet nutrition and it's effects on the growth and health of your beloved furry friend. My ultimate goal is to guide you along your pet's dietary journey!



Loba's Personal "Assistant" and Dog Walker!